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Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

We are located near the center. You can find us on Google Maps.

We work with membership packages. In collaboration with, we ensure that the process is smooth for new and returning visitors.

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We don’t have a trial package available, however, you can always purchase a 1 hour time pass in the drop in membership to try it out. Also in our restaurant you can buy a hangout pass, which gives you access to the same wifi.

Yes, you can. We will ask you to follow the same registration process. After registration, you will gain access to our Wifi and you can start working.

We Believe that Collaboration Breeds Innovation

Therefor we integrated a community system in our Coworking Program


Let's get to work

We have setup our system, so every device receives dedicated speeds.


    • Download: 30 Mbps
    • Upload : 8 Mbps
    • Latency: 2 ms

We have 3 modems at our coworkingspace, they are providing 500 Mbps down and 120 Mbps up in total.

Yes, we have made a deal with our internet provider that it is possible to upgrade our speeds.
We know that some people require HIGH upload speeds.
At Cowork Lombok we can accommodate this. Please contact us for terms and conditions.

Yes, you can work from our Restaurant.
As a visitor of our restaurant, we respectfully ask that you also consume food and or drinks for a minimum of 40k per hour per person.

At our restaurant, you have 2 WIFI options

  • you either connect to the restaurant wifi, which is slower, but free.
  • To work at higher speeds in our restaurant you can register as a Hangout member on

Comfy Desks

All our desks and chairs are of the highest quality.


Meet fellow professionals and build a strong network around you.


Warm and natural feeling office. You will be inspired.

Premium WiFi

Reliable, stable, controlled. Everything you need to work professionally.